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Our Services

Property Inspection

Site Analysis

Architectural Design

Engineering Design

Interior Design

Construction Administration

Our Services


On-Site Data

A certified specialist meticulously collects on-site data and performs thorough inspections of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.



Our evaluation encompasses a comprehensive assessment of various critical components, including plumbing, water and sewer infrastructure, electrical systems, and structural integrity.



Subsequently, we deliver a detailed report to our clients, outlining essential remedial actions required to address any identified issues.



We prioritize fostering a seamless collaboration among architects, engineers, owners, and contractors, recognizing the invaluable synergy it brings to our architectural design process. By aligning our objectives with plan review agencies, we ensure a comprehensive architectural design service that meets regulatory standards and exceeds client expectations.


Embracing Diverse Perspectives

Our design philosophy revolves around embracing diverse perspectives and creative exploration, devoid of preconceived notions.


Personalized Service

This approach enables us to craft bespoke solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of each client, project, and application, thereby delivering an unparalleled experience characterized by innovation and ingenuity.


Multiple Sectors

Our engineering associates and dedicated staff deliver exemplary engineering services tailored to our diverse clientele in the industrial, commercial, religious, and residential sectors.


In-house S, M, E, P Engineering

Equipped with a highly skilled in-house engineering team, we excel in delivering prompt and effective engineering solutions across a spectrum of disciplines including structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing.



Our commitment to efficiency and excellence ensures that our clients receive unparalleled service and support throughout every stage of their project.


Our Specialty

N-Gineers specializes in delivering contemporary designs that harmoniously blend aesthetic appeal with adherence to local sustainability regulations.


Key Principles

Our design ethos, guided by four key principles - space efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and client satisfaction - serves as the foundation for every project undertaken by our skilled design staff.


Comfort and Satisfaction

Elevating the built environment to new heights, we meticulously attend to every aspect of the design process, ensuring a seamless integration of elements that prioritize client comfort and satisfaction. Our keen eye for detail enables us to accentuate the unique characteristics of each space, making informed decisions that enhance functionality and aesthetic allure.


On-Site Meetings

N-Gineers Construction Administration Services encompass the facilitation of routine on-site meetings with key stakeholders, including design professionals, construction teams, and project owners.


Services, but not limited to,

Our dedicated team meticulously oversees the adherence to construction standards, evaluates payment applications, facilitates the execution of change orders, and meticulously reviews product submittals.


Requests for Information

Furthermore, our commitment extends to the timely fulfillment of Requests for Information (RFI), ensuring that pertinent queries are addressed promptly and efficiently.



3D Models & Renders

Additional site visits

Attending public hearings

Landscape Design

Zoning Approval

Site or Building Signage and Permitting

Permit expedition and resubmitting

Permit & review fees and taxes related to construction

DOT (Department of Transportation) permit

Variance fees and/or rezoning fees

Fire sprinkler plans and permit

Security, audio, video, data & voice service design, permits and installation

Geotechnical Subsurface Evaluation

Tree Survey

Wetland Assessment

Unforeseen Site Conditions

Additional Services


Site Selection

N-Gineers offers comprehensive services to support project owners in the site selection process. Our expertise includes conducting in-depth analyses of the owner's program and evaluating alternative sites. We conduct thorough site utilization studies, considering factors such as planning and zoning requirements, site context, historical considerations, utility infrastructure, environmental impact assessments, as well as parking and site circulation considerations.


Review Zoning Regulations

Collaborating closely with civil engineers and landscape architects, we meticulously review local zoning regulations and ordinances that may influence site development and proposed usage.



This collaborative approach ensures that our recommendations align seamlessly with regulatory requirements and project objectives, facilitating the successful realization of our clients' visions.

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