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Kokee Tea, GA, TX, VA, AL

New Building, Interior Design

1458 SF / 1 Story


Kokee Tea is a specialty tea shop that specializes in serving a variety of bubble teas, fruit teas, milk teas, and other flavored tea beverages. These establishments often offer a relaxed and cozy atmosphere for customers to enjoy their drinks, whether for a quick refreshment or a leisurely hangout spot. At Kokee Tea, customers can expect a diverse menu of tea options, often with customizable choices for sweetness levels, toppings like tapioca pearls or fruit jelly, and options for hot or cold preparation. The ambiance is often modern and trendy, appealing to a younger demographic, and may include comfortable seating, stylish décor, and sometimes even board games or other entertainment options. Overall, Kokee Tea provides a space for tea enthusiasts to explore different flavors and combinations while socializing with friends or enjoying a peaceful moment of relaxation.

Our team has been intricately involved in the expansion of the Kokee Tea business, overseeing the development of a new building and the interior design to create an inviting and functional space. Beginning with the conceptualization phase, we collaborated closely with Kokee Tea to understand their vision and objectives for the expansion. Drawing upon our expertise in architecture and interior design, we translated their vision into detailed plans and renderings, ensuring that every aspect of the new building and interior design aligned seamlessly with Kokee Tea's brand identity and customer experience goals. From selecting materials and finishes to optimizing spatial layouts and flow, our team meticulously curated every element to create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment for patrons. By combining innovative design concepts with practical considerations, we have played a pivotal role in bringing Kokee Tea's expansion vision to life, setting the stage for continued success and growth in the competitive market.

Photo Credit: 1: Sue Tao N'ym, 2: A Porat
Tel: (770)-891-0023

450 Old Peachtree Rd NW

Suwanee, GA 30024

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