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Nam Dae Mun, GA

Interior Renovation

100,000 SF / 2 Story


Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market operates as a leading retail and wholesale international food company, distinguished by their unparalleled selection of exotic foods not commonly found in traditional grocery stores. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for the diverse communities we serve, offering an extensive range of international foods, general merchandise, and household items sourced globally. Committed to fostering job equality, creating employment opportunities, and facilitating career advancement, they actively engage in various community outreach initiatives. Since inaugurating our flagship Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market in 2005 at 3825 Shackleford Road in Duluth, Georgia, Nam Dae Mun has experienced significant growth, expanding to seven additional locations and beyond. Furthermore, they operate two distribution centers located in Norcross and Lawrenceville, enabling them to efficiently serve their customers and meet their diverse needs. At Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market, they remain dedicated to enriching the communities they are privileged to serve while continuing our journey of growth and expansion.

Our role in expanding the Nam Dae Mun Farmer's Market has been comprehensive, encompassing various facets such as restroom and equipment upgrades, exterior cooler installations, bathroom remodeling, main store GIS mapping, shopping cart enclosure construction, glass elevator additions, interior renovations, and damaged column reinforcement across multiple locations including Duluth, Marietta, Tucker, Smyrna, and Morrow in Georgia. From the outset, we worked closely with Nam Dae Mun Farmer's Market to develop detailed plans and specifications tailored to each location's unique needs and requirements. This involved upgrading restroom facilities and equipment to enhance customer convenience and comfort, installing exterior coolers to optimize storage and preservation of perishable goods, and remodeling bathrooms to modernize their appearance and functionality. Additionally, we implemented main store GIS mapping to streamline operations and improve navigation for both customers and staff. The construction of shopping cart enclosures ensured the safe and orderly storage of carts, while glass elevator additions enhanced accessibility and aesthetics. Interior renovations revitalized the market's ambiance, creating a more inviting and enjoyable shopping environment. Furthermore, we reinforced damaged columns to ensure structural integrity and safety across all locations. Through meticulous planning, execution, and attention to detail, we have contributed to the successful expansion and enhancement of the Nam Dae Mun Farmer's Market, reaffirming its position as a premier destination for fresh produce and international goods in Georgia.

Photo Credit: 1: Atlanta Tomorrow's News Today, 2: Madhu on Maangchi, 3: Gwinnett Chamber, 4: Joe Adgie
Tel: (770)-891-0023

450 Old Peachtree Rd NW

Suwanee, GA 30024

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