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Okiboru, GA

Interior Finish and Design

3659 SF / 1 Story


Okiboru prides itself on crafting their own noodles in-house from scratch, using a proprietary recipe. The broth undergoes an extensive brewing process, lasting twice as long as typical ramen broths, to achieve the perfect consistency for dipping. Distinguished from traditional ramen, Tsukemen features noodles served separately from the broth, thus earning its distinctive name. Tsukemen enjoys immense popularity in Japan, yet remains relatively unknown outside its borders. The founders of Okiboru, who underwent rigorous training in Japan to master the art of Tsukemen, are dedicated to spreading awareness of this unique "dipping ramen" style to a broader international audience. The Okiboru team is excited to introduce Tsukemen to a wider range of diners and to innovate upon this traditional art to cater to the diverse dietary preferences of modern customers. In addition to the classic pork Chashu, Okiboru offers succulent grilled pork ribs, marinated for hours and expertly grilled to impart a delightful smoky flavor. Furthermore, their culinary experts have developed a flavorful vegetarian broth available in both Tsukemen and ramen dishes, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for all patrons.

Our contributions to the new Okiboru restaurant, specializing in Tsukemen, have been multifaceted, encompassing both interior design and the permit phase to ensure a seamless and successful establishment. In collaboration with Okiboru's vision, we meticulously designed and executed the interior layout and finish of the kitchen, dining, and server station areas. Leveraging our expertise in restaurant design, we optimized the flow and functionality of the space, creating an efficient and aesthetically pleasing environment for both patrons and staff. From selecting durable materials for kitchen surfaces to crafting inviting dining spaces, every aspect was tailored to enhance the overall dining experience and showcase Okiboru's commitment to quality and authenticity. Additionally, we navigated the permit phase with precision and expertise, ensuring compliance with local regulations and codes to expedite the restaurant's opening process. By seamlessly integrating design and permit considerations, we have played a pivotal role in bringing Okiboru's vision to life, establishing it as a premier destination for Tsukemen aficionados.

Photo Credit: 1: Okiboru, 2: Tatiana Brittian
Tel: (770)-891-0023

450 Old Peachtree Rd NW

Suwanee, GA 30024

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