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Beka Hailu Abebe (Ph.D.)

Structure Department

Doctoral Engineer

Backed by high academic success, Beka Abebe is a seasoned and highly-motivated structural engineer with experiences in various fields such as structural design, construction, teaching, and research. He obtained his PhD in Structural Engineering with honors from Hanyang University, one of the top universities in the world, especially in Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Dr. Beka has a great interest in providing structural design solutions employing the current state-of-the-art design methodology termed as performance-based design. That was in fact the focus area of his doctoral study. Currently, he is involved in design of optimum structures in collaboration with various stakeholders. In a nutshell, his experience in structural design and supervision of buildings spans from governmental mega projects to few-story residential property.

Always in pursuit of new knowledge, he is adept and flexible to accomplishing broad spectrum of tasks successfully; be it fatigue design of ductile cast-iron automotive component or cross-laminated timber bridge design or use of artificial intelligence in seismc design of structures. In recognition, some of his works are published in scientific journals and in the form of a book. At N-Gineers, he is striving to work as a team so that projects are delievered exceeding client’s interest.

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