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Gyungho Jang

Structure Department

Engineer II

Gyungho Jang is a highly motivated and accomplished Mechanical Engineer with a solid foundation in structural design, optimization, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Armed with a Bachelor’s degree from LNHA University, I bring eight years of professional experience, having contributed significantly to the field through roles in shipbuilding and CAE software analysis.

He honed his skills in designing cargo ship structures with a keen emphasis on structural optimization. He successfully implemented design solutions that not only enhanced structural efficiency but also led to considerable cost savings. Building on this experience, his subsequent four-year tenure as a CAE Software Engineer allowed me to delve into the intricate world of Finite Element Method (FEM) software. He actively participated in projects analyzing the structural safety of diverse structures, ranging from aircraft and cars to vibration screens and undersea cable protectors. His commitment to ensuring compliance with industry standards and delivering precise simulations has been a consistent hallmark of his work.

His diverse skill set includes proficiency in project management, collaborative problem-solving, and a keen eye for safety analysis. He is enthusiastic about leveraging my expertise to contribute to innovative projects, and pursues maximum satisfaction by actively considering the needs and costs of customers.

770.891.0023 Ex. 203

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