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Josephine Chung

Vice President

Principal Design Director

Josephine Chung, the Principal Designer and Vice President at N-Gineers, LLC, boasts an impressive educational foundation and professional journey. She holds a degree from Ewha Womans University majored in Art & Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) Interior Design, a testament to her commitment to excellence. Josephine’s academic background provides a solid base for her role as a leader in the dynamic field of design and engineering.

As the Principal Designer and Vice President, Josephine Chung brings her specialized skills to the forefront of N-Gineers, LLC’s endeavors. Her expertise lies in the intricacies of design, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic and functional aspects of diverse projects. From conceptualization to execution, Josephine Chung’s focus spans a broad spectrum of design elements, contributing to the success of projects. Her leadership ensures that N-Gineers, LLC delivers innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions across different scales and industries.

Josephine Chung’s personal interest in her profession revolves around the transformative power of design in the built environment. Her passion lies in crafting spaces that not only meet functional requirements but also inspire and elevate the user experience. Chung is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design innovation, embracing challenges, and ensuring that each project reflects a harmonious blend of form and function. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her role as a leader, guiding the design team at N-Gineers, LLC to create environments that make a lasting impact.

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