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Julie Kim

Architecture Department

Designer III

Julie Kim is a highly skilled architect and interior designer with over 10 years of experience in both South Korea and the United States. In 2011, she obtained a master’s degree in Interior Architecture from Hongik University’s Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design in Seoul. Through various design projects in interior and architectural firms, she contributes as a professional with creativity, problem-solving abilities, and advanced technical skills.

She has primarily undertaken projects in a diverse range of commercial and industrial spaces, including hotels, mixed-use developments, golf clubhouses, exhibition halls, offices, water parks, spas, factories, warehouses, and more. She has been responsible for overseeing the entire scope of work, from conceptual design to detailed planning and construction, across various commercial and industrial projects.

In the contemporary atmosphere that demands innovative thinking in the fields of interior design and architectural planning, she unfolds a new approach to architectural design, breaking free from conventional and rigid preconceptions. She integrates design and practicality, exploring dynamic environments that call for groundbreaking ideas. Emphasizing the cultivation of expertise in architecture that reflects pioneering paradigms and harmonizes human living spaces with new and futuristic designs, she focuses on creating a pleasant and enriching built environment.

770.891.0023 Ex. 209

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