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Martin Yildirim

Mechanical Engineering Department

Engineer I

Martin is a highly experienced MEP Designer with 5+ years career in Kazakhstan, Greece and U.S. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Istanbul Technical University at Istanbul, Turkey (2019) Based on the diverse experience in both consulting firms and construction company, he is contributing to overall management of the projects.

In his current role as a Mechanical & Plumbing Designer at N-Gineers, Martin spearheads projects by integrating innovative mechanical and plumbing solutions tailored to clients' needs. Drawing from his extensive experience, Martin specializes in optimizing building systems for energy efficiency, sustainability, and functionality.

Outside of work, Martin is a passionate outdoors enthusiast with a love for hiking and camping. He often ventures into the wilderness, seeking new trails to explore and breathtaking landscapes to admire. Martin's adventurous spirit extends to his interest in photography, where he captures the beauty of nature through his lens, documenting memorable moments and stunning vistas. Additionally, Martin enjoys staying active through various recreational sports, including soccer and basketball, where he relishes the camaraderie and competitive spirit shared with friends and teammates. During quieter moments, Martin finds solace in reading, particularly books on history and science fiction, expanding his knowledge and stimulating his imagination. Moreover, Martin is actively involved in community service initiatives, volunteering his time to support environmental conservation efforts and promote sustainability awareness within his local area. Through his diverse hobbies, interests, and activities, Martin finds balance, inspiration, and fulfillment beyond the confines of his professional endeavors.

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