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Ronnie Kim

Office Department

Chief Office Manager

Ronnie Kim is a graduate of Ball State University, holding a double major in Fashion Design/Merchandising and double minors in Marketing and ROTC. With a background that spans diverse roles, she has served as an assistant professor in the Korean department at the Defense Language Institute, worked as a reporter, and accumulated over 10 years of experience as an office administrative manager. Ronnie embodies the principles of “lead, care, forward” and brings a unique blend of creativity, leadership, and administrative skills to any professional setting.

As the Office Manager at N-GINEERS, LLC, Ronnie Kim leverages her diverse expertise and dynamic skill set. Ronnie brings a unique blend of creativity and administrative proficiency to her role. With over a decade of experience in office administration, Ronnie excels in navigating the varied demands of N-GINEERS, LLC. Committed to the principles of “lead, care, forward,” she plays a pivotal role in ensuring operational efficiency and innovation within the company.

Ronnie Kim’s personal interests reflect her diverse and dynamic nature. Passionate about future studies, she eagerly explores emerging trends and advancements in technology. With a keen business acumen, Ronnie stays attuned to the most updated currents in the business world in conjunction with her profession in office management & automation. Beyond the office, she finds joy in travel, particularly relishing see-and-touch experiences that broaden her perspectives. Ronnie also enjoys the exhilaration of horseback riding. This multifaceted mix of interests showcases Ronnie’s curiosity, adaptability and a zest for both the cutting edge and the tangible experiences life has to offer.

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