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Sung Chung


Principal Engineer

Sung Ho Chung is a highly accomplished structural engineer and the CEO of N-Gineers, LLC. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering (1995) and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering (1998) from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology. With a solid educational foundation, Sung Ho Chung has amassed extensive experience in various high-profile projects, showcasing his expertise in the field.

Sung Ho Chung’s professional focus lies in the realm of structural engineering, with a particular emphasis on diverse construction projects. His specialization encompasses the design and management of structures ranging from industrial facilities to condominiums and parking decks. Noteworthy projects include the Hyundai Power Transformer USA, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing in Alabama, and GSA/FBI facilities in Mississippi and North Carolina. Chung’s proficiency extends to multiple-story buildings, parking decks, and specialized facilities, illustrating a comprehensive skill set in structural engineering and project management.

Sung Ho Chung’s dedication to the field of structural engineering is evident in the diverse and complex projects he has undertaken. His passion lies in the intricate process of transforming conceptual designs into tangible structures that contribute to the functionality and aesthetics of urban landscapes. Chung’s commitment to excellence is mirrored in his hands-on involvement in projects of varying scales and complexities. His personal interest lies in pushing the boundaries of structural engineering innovation, ensuring the successful realization of each project while adhering to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

770.891.0023 Ex. 200

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