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William Lim

Vice President

Chief Planning & Development

William Lim is a construction development and planning specialist and vice president. William studied architecture at the University of Siena, Italy, and gained notable experience participating in a design city development plan in Seoul, Korea. He also served as an advisory member of the Milan City development plan in Yeongjong-do, Incheon and was widely recognized for his expertise. With his international experience, William has worked on commercial construction projects for mid- to large-sized companies in the United States, providing exceptional planning and innovative design. William continues his career to apply artistic values beyond architecture by experiencing different architectural cultures at performance venues in over 70 countries.

William Lim is a construction development and planning specialist and Vice President. William Lim’s expertise is particularly noteworthy in the field of urban development, and he has participated in projects such as the Seoul Design City project and the Yeongjongdo Milan City development project, and has experience in commercial architecture for mid- to large-sized companies in the United States. His work encompasses various aspects of modern urban construction and focuses on sustainable and efficient development strategies. Under his leadership, N-Gineers carries out innovative construction projects with a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

William Lim’s highly skilled leader in the field of architectural development. His achievements stem from effective project management, budget optimization, precise time planning, and understanding customer requirements. William meticulously plans and executes projects, ensuring the realization of clients’ objectives while effectively leading team members to maximize performance. His excellent communication skills enhance collaboration among stakeholders, thereby supporting seamless project progress. William is widely recognized within the architectural development community, and his accomplishments exemplify his expertise and work ethics.

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