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Yonghyuk Oh

Architecture Department

Designer III

Yong Hyuk Oh is a highly experienced architect and project manager with 10+ years career in South Korea, Singapore and U.S. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hanyang University at Seoul majored in Architecture (2011) and a Master of Science in Construction Management from University of Washington at Seattle (2023). Based on the diverse experience in both architectural firms and construction company, he is contributing to overall management of the projects.

He has encompassed every stage of the architectural process, having directly experienced the entire spectrum from preliminary project management, design, bidding, to construction. With hands-on experience in various companies and departments, his accumulated experiences are threaded together like pearls, making him adept at overseeing and managing projects comprehensively. Specializing in the planning and facade design of large buildings, he holds expertise in the intermediate phase of architecture, particularly in Bidding, with participation in numerous public and private projects. So, he possesses strengths in design management during the intermediate stages of both design and construction. This capability can significantly contribute to enhancing the quality of the client’s architectural structures while also minimizing construction costs.

Leveraging diverse experiences in the intermediate stages of architectural design and construction, he holds a keen interest in the ‘Design-Build’ approach to architectural projects. The ‘Design-Build’ method establishes a cohesive collaboration between the Client, General Contractor, and Architect, creating an integrated organization. This approach fosters project openness, facilitating progressive developments in both quality and cost aspects. At N-Gineers, there are numerous instances of successfully executing projects using the ‘Design-Build’ method. Moreover, Yong Hyuk Oh views architecture not merely as a technical endeavor but as a comprehensive art and societal work intertwined with intangible values such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. This perspective guides his approach to projects, elevating them beyond the realm of technicalities.

770.891.0023 Ex. 202

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